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We are one of the first companies that introduced machine production of roof rafters in Poland.

We use the latest technologies available in the world for the production of roofing, using Hundegger K2i machining center we get the best possible quality of machined parts. With the possibility to perform traditional carpenter joints we minimize the need for additional carpenter connectors. All the items are numbered and have their reference in the installation instructions enclosed with the finished roof rafter.

Sema -specialized softwareused for wooden structures allows us to design even the most complex and sophisticated shapes of houses. Then, we prepare a three-dimensional visualization - presentation in order to obtain an acceptance or perform final corrections before sending the design to be produced. A design prepared in this wayprovides us with information concerning amount of needed wood with an accuracy of 1mm, while minimizing waste that cannot be when avoided using traditional methods of woodworking by carpenters on the construction site

SEMA software allows for calculation of the following data:

  • construction timber volume (cubic meters)
  • roof area,
  • number of battens and counter battens,
  • actual length of all the components.

Taking care ofour customers’ savings, we use wet wood logs, while for the more demanding customers we offer dried, planed wood with bent edges which increases the resistance against fire, insects and fungi. KVH construction timber is more than 90% used for German and Austrian market for the production of roofs and wooden houses. Also BSH wood which is used for the construction bearing higher loads with fewer supports. On request, the wood is impregnated in order to dip protect wood against mold and fungi.

Software and machining centers allow us to construct sheds, garages, car ports, gazebos and roof terraces tailored to the needs of our customers. We treat each customer individually, precisely defining their needs, and what distinguishes us from our competitors is our precision in parts machining, the use of properly selected raw materials and a quick and trouble-free installation

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Wooden houses

"Planning to build a new house and looking for alternatives to traditional buildings? Choose a house made of wood and enjoy the comfort and financial benefits associated with low operating charges."


Wooden houses are the perfect choice for persons who want cost-effective solutions and eco-friendly, natural lifestyle.

Low operation costs and beautiful architecture are just a few advantages of wooden buildings.

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