Roof trusses

Computer precision and carpentry perfection

We were one of the first who started the production of roof trusses,
as a repeatable, precisely calculated architecture elements.
We have combined the precision of CAD design
with traditional carpentry techniques.
No beam is a coincidence here, each one increases
durability, resilience and strength of the structure.

How do we work

We act very precisely – each truss element is numbered and described
in the assembly manual, and thanks to traditional carpentry solutions,
we limit the number of fasteners to a minimum.

We do not lose even a millimeter of material, even with the most complicated
ones tops of the house – the Sema program calculates the amount of wood
needed with anaccuracy of 1 mm, and the calculated structure is presented
on a 3D visualization for approval or modification notification by the customer.

At each stage, we work exactly according to the order and plan. Thanks
to this we can meet deadlines and minimize waste, which brings new ones
customer savings. Such efficiency would not be possible without the use of new
solutions in the traditional construction method, which is wooden construction.

Wood for years

The customer can choose from several types and types of wood finish.
The decision depends on the specifics of the building, requirements or budget:

wet sawmill wood – meets the technical conditions and has an attractive price. It is the most economical, but with increasing awareness customers on wooden construction, used less and less.

dried planed wood with broken edges – higher resistance for fire, insects and fungi.
structural timber KVH – highly valued in Germany and Austria (used in 90% of buildings).
structural timber BSH – specialized, prepared for handling higher loads with fewer supports.
At the customer’s request, additional wood protection is possible against mold and fungi by immersion impregnation

Machines and programs

To achieve exceptional results, we use unique tools:

Hundegger K2i – a machining center that allows us to make precise wooden elements and joints, works with sawn timber, logs or glued wood up to 13 m long. It is one of the best machines of this type in the world – a real top class.
Sema Software – specialist carpentry software for designing trusses, stairs, interiors and entire buildings.
Engineering, architecture and construction epochs meet here
wooden. Sema counts, among others: the volume of construction
timber, roof surface, number of roof battens and counter-battens,
length all construction elements.

Wood and the latest technologies? Yes, it’s a perfect combination.

Ask for more

Are you thinking about building an energy-saving house made of wood?
We are happy to share our years of experience.
We are waiting for your message.


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Wooden houses are an ideal proposition for people who value economical solutions and an ecological, natural lifestyle. Low operating costs and beautiful architecture are just a few advantages of wooden construction.

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