Energy-efficient houses

Houses that saves your money every year

What does an energy-efficient house mean?

This means reduction of bills for energy thanks to
special design, technology and prefabricated elements:
Every day, every summer and every winter.
This house will save up money for you!

We have been building energy efficient, wooden houses since 1988,
with the use of advanced technologies,
for hundreds of customers in Poland and all over Europe.


Due to its structure, wood is perfect for energy-saving constructions.
It has great insulation abilities that makes rooms cool in summer and helps keep their warmth in winter.
A low heat transfer ecoefficiency is the crucial, however wood also has many more cost-effective solutions, for example:
air heat pump – heats the interior and water from the warmth of the outside air
photovoltaic installations – conversion of the sun’s energy into electricity
infrared heating films – floor or ceiling heating that significantly reduces construction costs (does not require a chimney, heaters or inspections),
recuperation – heat recovery from the mechanical air exchange
New solutions appear every year. We are always up to date
and supplement our offer with the newest creative options.


We are specialists in wooden energy-efficient houses built in backbone technology. We build such houses for private investors, resorts, facilities,industrial and commercial and hospitality.

Where efficiency and durability matter,
the numbers speak for themselves and in our favour.
Brzechwa Houses do not fail and saves money and energy.
As well as time – needed for construction, and your money – bills.

We use dried, planed softwood glued construction timber KVH and BSH, imported from Western Europe and Scandinavia. This type of wood can regulate the humidity of the room, which helps to obtain a healthy microclimate in the interior. Further advantages include an attractive appearance, a cozy atmosphere, and the awareness of living in harmony and closer to nature.

Careful project preparation does not mean that you only get the project for approval. We build houses for generations, and we care about taking into account all customer suggestions.
This is going to be your home and you should feel comfortable in it.
Clients appreciate us for our conscientiousness and perfectionism.
We take care of every detail. All materials have a set of certificates and technical approvals.

We can build the house in a developer standard or complete the work at the agreed stage. That is for example, to deliver prefabricated parts that will be put together by the customer.

We will act as you expect.

Years of experience in one wall

Take a look at the wall structure of your new home.
This is just an example of the advancement of our solutions.
Here, every element and every inch of the structure serves something.


In a way, wood is the only modern building material.
Only wood can be so ecologically sourced (farmed forests),
it’s easily machinable, with an excellent design characteristics
in relation to its price and carbon footprint.
Building a comparable house of bricks, concrete and metal
means an infinitely greater use of water, fuel and energy.
That is why we say that wood is not only the tradition,
– wood is the material of the future.
A wooden house is associated with something traditional,
but it is also very modern, ecological and (technologically
efficient, bringing you lots of savings over the years and
exceptional conditions for a happy life for the whole family.


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Wooden houses are an ideal proposition for people who value economical solutions and an ecological, natural lifestyle. Low operating costs and beautiful architecture are just a few advantages of wooden construction.

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