Half timbered technology

(Prussian wall)

New home – classic style

Half-timbered houses – the combination of forms and colours that is immediately recognisable.
Beautiful whitewashed walls with dark, crossed beams…
Now a traditional, yet unique appearance can be put on your new home.
Brzechwa has been building half-timbered houses for years.
We combine noble appearance with energy efficiency,
precision in building, and durability for years.

The half-timbered wall

A half-timbered construction is known since the Middle Ages. The half-timbered wall consists of a wooden structure, filled with a brick wall or a variety of insulating materials, including the once popular one mixed clay with straw or wicker. Filling is often bleached, which makes a distinctive contrast of dark frame beams and light facade.

Tradition and the present day

The half-timbered wall has a truly unique look. Thanks to the new construction technologies,
you can have an energy-efficient house that looks very traditional yet gives it all the benefits
and convenience of a new building. The possibilities are limitless. We can build such a house
from coniferous wood or hardwood like oak. On request, we fill the structure with polystyrene,
wool, brick or clay. Final bleaching will give your home a clean, typically “Prussian” look.
A building can have one or more storeys. We put it on the foundations of traditional,
stone or foundation slabs. As usual, wood will be protected against mould, parasites and fungus.

How to start?

Just call us. You don’t have to make any decisions and you are not obliged to sign any deals with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and tell you how, step by step, we build a half-timbered house.

Ask for more

Are you thinking about building an energy-saving wooden house? We are happy to share our years of experience.

Send us a message to find out more.


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Wooden houses are an ideal proposition for people who value economical solutions and an ecological, natural lifestyle. Low operating costs and beautiful architecture are just a few advantages of wooden construction.

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