Price list

A good house at a good price

How much is a house? Can a house be cheap
and good quality? This is a serious topic, and we
treat it that way. Many contractors start with
the lowest possible price, hoping to attract attention
and then the client will have no choice but to start paying extra.

Any cost calculation without previously speaking with the client about their needs and expectations may be subject to change.
You can count on a responsible approach with us.
No pitfalls, sham promotions or discounts that
in reality are just a reduction in quality, not price.
When we say how much your home will cost
you can be sure of our word.
We will evaluate it on the basis of mutual
arrangements to meet your expectations.

5 + 2 =

We determine the quote after the meeting. A house is too serious a business to be priceed by email only. A fair plan and quote requires meeting and setting expectations. Then you know for sure when it can be built and how much your dream house will cost.


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Wooden houses are an ideal proposition for people who value economical solutions and an ecological, natural lifestyle. Low operating costs and beautiful architecture are just a few advantages of wooden construction.

Energy-efficient houses
Houses made of half-timbered technology
Block technology house
House in Steico technology
Factory production
Assembly on site

Roof trusses
Gazebos, shelters, garages
Unusual projects
Reconstruction of monuments
General construction

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